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Train Translators in Israel

Equipping Faithful Stewards

As stewards of God’s Word, the translators’ task is to transfer the meaning of the source text into new target languages as faithfully as they can.

Translators must be able to read fluently, with a nuanced understanding of vocabulary, syntax structures, cultural background and literary purposes, so that they can transfer this into their own languages.

For the first time in church history, we have a new opportunity, a living Hebrew language environment, which allows us to teach biblical Hebrew the best way possible – through language immersion in the locations in which it was written.

Training Translators in Israel

At the Institute, we have developed a unique course, the School of Biblical Hebrew, that capitalizes on the surroundings in modern Israel to create the optimal environment for Biblical Hebrew training, by combining the following 3 strands:

  • Biblical Hebrew immersion

    Total immersion is known to be the most efficient approach to language learning. ACTFL recommends that language educators and their students use the target language as exclusively as possible (90%+) at all levels – during instructional time and, when feasible, beyond the classroom.

  • Biblical land & culture

    Seeing and experiencing the geography and culture from biblical texts gives a direct frame of reference for translation.

  • Live-learn environment

    Language immersion is reinforced through the use of modern Hebrew in daily life, both in and outside of the class setting.