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Center for Extension Learning

Training & Tools

As a program of IBLT, our objective is to assist the Body of Christ in mobilizing and equipping a generation of translators and practitioners committed to enabling high orality reliant people groups to gain access and to engage with the whole Word of God.

In the Old Testament God provides a roadmap for discipling an oral nation and demonstrates a plethora of oral methodologies. Benefitting from the tremendous resources of the language, land, and cultural/historical context of the Bible, COS serves as a vital Kingdom multiplier among high orality reliant learners by:

  • heighten our understanding of the people, the contexts and the strengths and weaknesses of our mission strategies.
  • help resolve problems and challenges on difficult mission fields, and address the issues that mean most to them.
  • raise the bar on evaluating the impact of our work based on real Kingdom community transformation.

Education & Training

  • Accredited courses and internships, as part of the various degree offerings of the Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation, to train the next generation of Bible translators, existing Bible translators and Bible translation consultants in training
  • Short courses offered in partnership with academic, translation and mobilization partners around the world to serve as marketing and recruitment for prospective and existing translators and consultants in the field of oral Bible translation and Scripture engagement
  • Workshops and seminars on oral Bible translation and Scripture engagement

Tools & Strategies

  • Producing and publishing of media resources to assist oral Bible translation, Bible storytelling and engagement (See Orality Resources Int’l and Master Storyteller in Resources & Information section.)
  • Consultation on Oral Bible translation and engagement to translation teams
  • Upcoming: Courses, workshops and tools in development (


Master Storyteller: a Book & film production on God’s Oral Communication in the Bible and Hebrew Tradition