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Field-based training of translators & consultants globally

Many translators and consultants, serving in areas where the need for the Bible is greatest, may not be able to come to Jerusalem for 9-12 months. 4.2.20-IBLT aims to connect its Jerusalem-based Hebrew program to translators around the globe, by “taking Jerusalem to the world”.

Employing our specialized source language learning techniques in this extension program, leaders are equipped even in remote areas of the world where the giant translation gap is the widest. We are inviting, training and sending the next generation of translators to multiply full Bible translations.

Hebrew Extension Learning Program (HELP): A program of the Center for Extension Learning

A Multi-Certificate, Maximally Efficient, Hebrew Program for the Whole World

The Hebrew Extension Learning Program is distance learning program that builds upon the proven foundation of biblical source language training that 4.2.20-IBLT has successfully operated in Jerusalem to serve the specific goals of the Bible Translation movement, its agencies, translators and consultants.


To train translators and consultants globally in Hebrew, achieving a level where they are working within Hebrew to translate the Bible from the source language.

The HELP is a blended online course combining both synchronous and asynchronous instruction, utilizing the same pedagogical methodologies employed in Jerusalem. It covers the training content of the intensive program in Jerusalem, but the training is spread over a longer period so that it can accommodate translators’ and consultants’ ongoing responsibilities in the field. It is uniquely positioned to serve indigenous translators/consultants whether in a translation agency or CCBT context.

Stages & Requirements

As with the residential program the HELP MA equips translators and consultants to be able to translate directly from the Biblical Hebrew text into the receptor language, thus producing better translations done faster and cheaper.

The HELP is designed in three stages:

STAGE 1: Certificate in Biblical Hebrew” (18 credits)
STAGE 2: “Certificate in Biblical Hebrew Culture and Geography” (15 credits)
STAGE 3: “Certificate in Advanced Hebrew” (23 credits)

Successful completion of each of the first two stages culminates in a graduate certificate. An accredited MA degree in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew is earned upon completion of the 3rd stage.

The training provided in the three certificates completes the course requirements for an MA in Classical Hebrew. Successful students will complete level three (level gimel) of modern Hebrew enabling them to independently read and study the Hebrew Bible and to use secondary tools, including those written in Hebrew. This represents a threshold professional skill level for translators and consultants to work from and within the source text of the Hebrew Bible. It is recommended that all translation consultants and at least one person on every translation project attain this threshold professional level of working from the source language.

The general framework of each of the courses within the 1st and 3rd certificates requires:

  • 45-50 hours of asynchronous preparatory learning done individually online (1 credit) This is generally completed over a period of 8-12 weeks.
  • The prerequisite work is followed by 30 hours of synchronous online “classroom” learning coupled with 60 hours of individual homework (2 credits). This is generally completed in an intensive 4-week format during which the participant is engaged half-time in language learning.

The second certificate is done on location in Israel in 3 months.

Full course descriptions coming soon.