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Center for Extension Learning

What is the need?
The need to accelerate full Bible translation through the training of translators and consultants extends globally— however, not everyone has the capacity to come to Jerusalem for 9+ months of study due to travel restrictions and work and personal responsibilities.
To meet this need, IBLT’s Center for Extension Learning is developing alternative extension source language training programs. The aim of CEL is to facilitate field-based training that extends the reach and service capacities of IBLT beyond the Jerusalem hub.

CEL consists of:


Modular language intensives


Field Internshipos


Internet courses



Together with our partners, we are targeting areas of the world where there is a high density of languages without a full Bible to start satellite source language training.

Foundations have been laid through pilot programs in 5 nations and 3 continents with participants f rom over a dozen nations and as many translation agencies.


Master Storyteller: a Book & film production on God’s Oral Communication in the Bible and Hebrew Tradition