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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The course is taught 90% in biblical Hebrew, a highly successful and efficient language learning method. An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew allows students to quickly and effectively learn biblical Hebrew within a naturally enjoyable learning process. Using oral teaching methods is known to be the best way in which a language is learned, even when reading is the primary goal. Students of this course have the opportunity to lay a foundation for true internalization of the biblical language.

Teachers and those with previous backgrounds in Hebrew are also encouraged to sign up and to participate in the course, as it provides a refreshment of the oral language. Participants will experience Hebrew from a different and new perspective. They will learn how to include listening and speaking pedagogies in a biblical language program and how to teach using biblical Hebrew itself.

The completion of Living Biblical Hebrew 1, an online pre-requisite for this Intensive Course, also fulfils the pre-requisite requirements for The School of Biblical Hebrew. While not a requirement, successful completion of the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew intensive will give a stronger foundation to make the most out of our 9-month immersion program in Jerusalem.