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MA in Classical Hebrew & Translation Consultancy (2-yr)

Overview of 2-year MA Program

The MA in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew and Translation Consultancy is a 2-year, consultant training program consisting of source language and consultant skills training modules. This 80(+/-)-credit program consists of a 12-month residence in Jerusalem (School of Biblical Hebrew plus 1 additional quarter), and up to 12 months of supervised field internship coupled with remote learning courses. This course is in the process of being submitted for full accreditation.

Year 1: Jerusalem Study

Part 1: School of Biblical Hebrew 

The goal of the IBLT School of Biblical Hebrew is to equip participants with the skills necessary for proficiency in translating the Old Testament directly from the source language. The SBH is a one-of-a-kind 9-month program. Through an immersive environment, interdisciplinary and experiential courses, participants are given the skills they need to address the diverse linguistic issues that translators face on the field. The program provides 48 credits in Hebrew. This program is run during the 9 months from mid-September to mid-June.

School of Biblical Hebrew Modules
Oral Foundations of HebrewHeb Language & History
Intermediate HebrewHeb Research Project
Advanced-Intermediate HebrewHeb Land & Culture
Legal TextsHebrew, spoken/written
Poetic Texts
SBH TOTAL (48 credits)

Part 2: Jerusalem study term

Upon completion of the SBH, while still in Jerusalem, participants will undertake 1 additional quarter of elective courses (8-12 credits). Participants will be able to select from a variety of courses tailored to fit their career paths and the requirements of their agency.

For example:

Consultant skill sets: In recognition of the facts that 1) participants will enter the program with varying backgrounds and expertise in the field of translation, and 2) the need to optimize the learning opportunities unique to the context of the Land of the Bible, course offerings will range from Semitic languages to Communication Theory (Semantics, Metaphor, Pragmatics, Discourse, and Relevance Theory), Translation Quality Assessment, and Advanced Translation Issues.

Biblical Hebrew instructor & consultant: Individuals who plan to focus on developing Hebrew training programs for their agency to serve a region/nation can take additional advanced Hebrew and pedagogy courses to further prepare them to teach Biblical Hebrew.

Oral translation specialist & consultant:  Those who will serve in highly oral contexts can take courses in orality for oral Bible translation and Scripture engagement.

Year 2: Field Internship & Remote Courses

Part 1: Field Internship (8-12 credits)

The nature of the internship may vary depending upon the specialization of the participant, the local translation context, and the agency requirements. To illustrate, acceptable internships may include (but are not limited to) both textual and oral Bible translation projects, or development of a Biblical Hebrew extension training program. During the Internship students will be mentored by a Translation Consultant or qualified senior supervisor.

Part 2: Remote Courses (8-14 credits)

In addition to the field internship participants will take courses offered remotely in order to complete the requirements of the MA and to qualify as a Translation Consultant and/or Biblical Hebrew Instructor. Remote courses may either be concurrent with, or supplemental to, the internship depending upon the duration of the internship and the timing of course offerings.     

Sample Course Offering


Total for full 2-year CiT training program/MA in Classical Hebrew and Translation Consultancy:   $39,975


  • Tuition and academic fees for the entire MA program (both in Jerusalem & in the field)
  • Room and board, & all academic tours and school related local transport in Israel   

Does NOT include:

  • Flights, insurance, visa fees, field internship expenses (vary by location)

*Course fees subject to change without notice

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*Not applicable to auditing students