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MA in Classical Hebrew (1-yr)

Overview of 1-year MA Program

The MA in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew is a fully accredited 1-year source language training program designed for consultants and translators who already have a BA. This 56-60 credit program consists of a 12-month residence in Jerusalem (School of Biblical Hebrew plus 1 additional quarter).

The program is fully accredited through our partner universities, University of the Holy Land & Corban University.

Part 1: School of Biblical Hebrew

Part 1: School of Biblical Hebrew 

The goal of the IBLT School of Biblical Hebrew is to equip participants with the skills necessary for proficiency in translating the Old Testament directly from the source language. The SBH is a one-of-a-kind 9-month program. Through an immersive environment, interdisciplinary and experiential courses, participants are given the skills they need to address the diverse linguistic issues that translators face on the field. The program provides 48 credits in Hebrew. This program is run during the 9 months from mid-September to mid-June.

School of Biblical Hebrew Modules
Oral Foundations of HebrewHeb Language & History
Intermediate HebrewHeb Research Project
Advanced-Intermediate HebrewHeb Land & Culture
Legal TextsHebrew, spoken/written
Poetic Texts
SBH TOTAL (48 credits)

Part 2: Jerusalem Study Term

Part 2: Jerusalem study term

Upon completion of the SBH, while still in Jerusalem, participants will undertake 1 additional quarter of elective courses (8-12 credits). Participants will be able to select from a variety of courses tailored to fit their career paths and the requirements of their agency.

Elective Modules
Intro Translation TheoryHebrew, spoken/written
Intro LanguageLanguage & Pedagogy
Comm TheoryLanguage & Pedagogy Internship
Cross-cultural serviceAramaic
Biblical Foundations of OralityDir Reading: Intro Heb Bible
Oral Bible TranslationDir Reading: History of ANE
Trans Quality AssessmentDir Reading: Masoretic Text
Intership with Consultant&nsbp;
8-12 Credits must be selected from the above module listing, depending on course availability


Total for full 1-year MA in Classical Hebrew:   $33,350


  • Tuition and academic fees for the entire MA program
  • Room and board, & all academic tours and school related local transport in Israel   

Does NOT include:

  • Flights, insurance, visa fees

*Course fees subject to change without notice

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*Not applicable to auditing students