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Course Information


Participants should:

  • be sponsored by a Bible translation organization or project, although an independent participant may also apply.
  • have the ability to read basic English, but will be permitted to present research in other languages including: English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Participants will be required to study the series of Living Biblical Hebrew: Part One before coming to Israel in order to prepare for rapid learning in an oral environment. Listening to the material requires about 40-50 hours of preparation. This must be completed two months prior to the course start date, as a pre-condition to final acceptance.

All participants must also sign the Student Language Pledge.


Teachers for the SBH program will be from a pool of credentialed Hebrew professors and scholars (PhD or MA), primarily graduates of Israeli universities or teachers at the universities.

The whole program will receive reinforcement and language support through resident assistants. This commitment to using Hebrew outside of the classroom in a friendly environment both enhances the coursework and enables greater success for participants.


Tuition and living costs are 25,000USD per participant for the duration of the course. This covers accommodation, board and transport while in Israel, as well as any costs associated with field trips. The cost does not include flights or equipment, and is subject to change without notice.

Financial aid and bursaries can be applied for during the application process, and will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.


Students who successfully complete the program will receive a graduate certificate in Biblical Hebrew. Qualifying students may also continue to obtain an MA in Classical Hebrew by completing several additional courses offered either on site or online through our partner universities.

The IBLT/SBH is an affiliated program of the University of the Holy Land and of Corban University, universities accredited by the Asia Theological Association and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (USA Dept. of Ed.) respectively.



Please note that those wishing to obtain credit from their home institution for attending this program must make appropriate arrangements with their home institution in advance.

Application Process

Or alternatively, contact our team by phone*+1 (804) 482 0756

It is required that all students who will be attending the School of Biblical Hebrew – Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation acquire a multiple entry A/2 student visa prior to arriving in Israel. Married students must also acquire a multiple entry A/4 visa for each dependent (spouse and children) who will be in Israel during the time that the student is attending SBH – IBLT.

Please note: In some cases the visa application must be made by the staff of SBH at the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem. In order to allow SBH to make this application on your behalf, you must supply the following documents and information as part of your application 6 months prior to the course start date.

*(8am – 1pm EST, Mon – Thu)